About us



The woman behind the brand was born with the intention to make luxury more affordable for every woman. We believe every woman is beautiful by nature, and she deserves the finest things in the world. Let us be your stylist who could dress you up with the trendiest designer bag for any occasion. We like to make you look better, feel better and always be the most loving woman your man forever loves. Our team include expatiate and local stylists with the promise is to shop every single piece of branded item like how we shop for ourselves with the taste and the trend we would want to beautify our styles. Majority of our products are from motherland of the most luxurious countries like Paris, Italy, U.S, Japan, etc. We are passionate about ​fashion and like to share our collections with other like-minded wonderful fashionistas. Let us know if you like to share some pieces of your collection. Our price will be up to 90% off comparing to retail price and rest assured that our team works hard to use our own expertise of 10 years of handling luxury goods to authenticate the products before passing it to others.

Flash Sale Treasure Hunting ! Keep checking our website to find treasure as and when. You will be able to find ridiculous deal we offer, there won't be notification on those deal. The secret is "just have to be quick and keep checking"

The Woman Behind The Brand is a Singapore registered online consignment business of authenticated luxury fashion. We are not affiliated with brands featured here. All trademarks and product names are the property of their respective owners.