There is an astonishing number of fake Hermes handbags on the market and they are made with such quality that it can be difficult to spot the difference - with embossed logo in gold or silver print and centralize text, it’s a challenge to tell a fake one. There are many ways to spot an in-authentic Hermes handbag and Hermes date stamp is a big tool to ensure the bag is real. So here's a short guide on how to tell the difference between a real Hermes bag and a fake one through Hermes Date Stamps also called Blind Stamps.

Where are these stamps located? Depends on the handbag style and the year. Birkin and Kelly bags Blind Stamps prior was located at the back of the closure straps, but since 2016 they are located on inside the bag, on the left side close to the back flap.

Hermes uses single letters in alphabetical order to date and stamps their bags accordingly to years it created, often surrounded by circle shape - square or no shape. Also depends on various leather like alligator, ostrich or lizard, there will be additional stamps used or the atelier in which the bag maker works. Use the chart below to help you decipher when your Hermes handbag was manufactured.


From 1945 to 1970, no shapes were used. From 1971 to 1996, a circle shape was used. From 1997 to 2014, a square shape was used. No shape was used recently 2015 -2016.


Beside from Blind Stamps, you can also pay attention to other details like:


Not like in-authenticated Hermes handbags which always look like it's painted on, Hermes color used are unique and this can be a tell-tale sign of authenticity.  It is almost impossible for counterfeiters to recreate Hermes color used, which often a shade or two off genuine Hermès colors.

Shape and Common Features

Hermes's Birkins and Kellys bags can be found in sizes including 25cm - 30cm - 35cm - 40cm - 45cm, these basic details can prove very useful and can save you from making the wrong decision.  

Brand Hardware

As with other parts of Hermès bags, the zipper, lock, clochette, and hardware plate all feature unique detail which can help to authenticate the bag. Most Hermès bags featuring either a palladium or gold plated finish and hardware does not tarnish, however, tarnishing is sometimes possible but never wearing or peeling.

Zippers -  There are several types of zippers that have been used by Hermes ever since. Newer Hermès's zipper is marked with "HERMÈS" block letters or "H" at the base. If the zipper hangs at a 90-degree angle from the zipper line or flops down, it is not genuine.

Locker - All Hermes locker engraved the word “Hermès” on the bottom with numbers represent the number engraved onto the accompanying keys. The clochette which houses the keys should also always be made from one piece of leather and not two pieces are sewn together.